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What are the reasons most people remodel their bathrooms?

Do you have a bathroom that is out of date, hard to clean, and embarrassing to you when you have guests over?

Does your bathroom have…

  • Floors that are cracked, tilted, sloping, or broken?
  • Tiles just popping right off the floor?
  • Drywall around the bathtub or shower that is damaged?
  • Ugly or non-working sink and shower fixtures that need to be replaced?

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Why choose Hoffman Construction for your bathroom remodel?

Hoffman Construction’s experienced professionals are at your service to make your bathroom remodeling project a success! We understand that for most homeowners, your house is the biggest single investment you’ll ever make. Our goal is to create a bathroom that is calming, functional and beautiful that will serve your family’s needs today and for years to come.

We offer an array of modern, elegant, and practical options for your bathroom redesign.

  • We can put spa systems into an everyday stall shower to turn in into more of a spa experience
  • One of the biggest ways to alter the look of a bathroom is with the color and texture of the ceramic tile
  • There are several different metal finishes you can use for the hardware to coordinate, give you a unified look
  • There are many different combinations of bathroom cabinetry, whether it be a vanity, johnny cabinets, etc.
  • Pedestal sinks are an old fashioned solution that can be surprisingly modern


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What clients have said about Hoffman Construction:

“From start to finish, Hoffman Construction made this job a breeze. Barry got in touch and came by to discuss options and take tile measurements etc. Then, a few days later, once we had picked out our tile preference, Dave began work.
Now, what can I say about Dave? Meticulous, precise, talented and ultra clean spring to mind. On the first day he took out the old stuff and cleaned up very carefully behind him. Over the next couple of days, the new hardboard went in and the tiles were put into place etc. Our old house / tub area has a couple of tough corners / nooks, but they did a great job in cutting the tiles to fit.
Handily, he finished the job the day before we were headed off on vacation, so now that we’re back we can use the shower (we were advised to leave the caulk 10 days to fully dry). It looks fantastic and feels solid and smooth and the price was excellent. All in all, very pleased indeed and I can definitely recommend these guys.”


Bathroom Remodel 

Get started remodeling your bathroom today →

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